A local church ACCESSIBLE to everyone, everywhere.

That's our vision. That's what we’ve been working towards since e3 Partners began in 1987.

Join us on this historic Gala Celebration October 21!

"Come celebrate all that God is doing through e3 Canada, here and around the world."


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Oct 21st, 2023e3 Canada Gala Celebration

Our vision is to help create local churches ACCESSIBLE to everyone, everywhere.

This vision is a testament to our belief that faith knows no boundaries. It's a call to action that defies limitations, urging us to extend our reach to the farthest corners.

However, a vision without action remains a mere dream. That's where our mission comes into play, a mission that encapsulates the very essence of our purpose and the steps we are taking to bring our vision to life. Our mission is not just a statement; it's a roadmap, a guiding principle that shapes our actions:

"Equipping God's people to evangelize His world by establishing healthy, multiplying, transformative churches everywhere."

Each word within this mission statement holds profound significance: 

Equipping: speaks of empowerment, of providing the tools, knowledge, and spiritual guidance necessary to spread the message of faith far and wide.

Evangelize: is a call to share the love, hope, and teachings that have shaped our lives.

Establishing: signifies our dedication to planting seeds of faith that take root and flourish. "Healthy" and "transformative" highlight our commitment to nurturing communities that foster growth, healing, and positive change. "Multiplying" embodies the idea of expansion, of ensuring that the impact of our efforts continues to ripple outward.

But, let's be honest – a vision and a mission, no matter how inspiring, require more than just intention. They require resources, dedication, and the support of a community that believes in the power of our cause. We recognize that we can't achieve this vision and mission alone. This is where you come in – your support is the lifeblood of our endeavor, the fuel that propels us forward to reach the unreached.

So We Encourage You: Save The Date & Join us on our first-ever e3 Canada annual Gala!

Join us Saturday, October 21 at Trinity EMC, Waterloo at 6:00pm in rejoicing, connecting, and igniting a spark of transformation that will reverberate far beyond the confines of a single evening.

Together, let's celebrate all that God is doing through e3 Canada, both here and around the world!

You can register to attend the e3 Gala in-person or online!

(Limited Spots Available)