I Am Second Mask

The I Am Second Canada “Hope is Contagious” mask is a brilliant way to spread a message of Hope and encourage positive conversations in the marketplace. Upgrade your accessory game and easily spread a message of hope.

“Hope is Contagious” masks are made in Canada with high quality standards. 

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Gospel training isn't just for missionaries.

We provide videos, materials and in-person training opportunities for anyone and everyone. Learn how to share the Gospel, disciple others and plant churches, both in your own town and all over the world.


Explore our Training

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Use your gifts to strengthen His Kingdom.

We plant churches locally and globally through training, trips, church partnerships, financial partnerships, international workers, local evangelism and more. Whatever you’re interested in, we have a place for you, so take the gifts and resources God’s blessed you with and come use them.


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About e3

EQUIP God’s people. EVANGELIZE His world. ESTABLISH His Church.

A local church ACCESSIBLE to everyone, everywhere. That’s our vision. That’s what we’ve been working towards since e3 Partners began in 1987.


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Come spread the love of Christ across the world!

We take trips to countries all over the world to share the Gospel, plant churches and transform communities.


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Ying Kai, Executive Director of T4T Global Missions

"e3 Partners is sending many missionaries to all parts of the world, flying the banner of Christ in every corner of the world, training every individual to become a disciple of the Lord. This is a strategy that truly obeys Jesus’ Great Commission."

Gospel training isn’t just for missionaries.

Through videos, written materials and in-person training opportunities, e3 Partners provides ways for all believers to learn how to share the Gospel, disciple others and plant churches. Develop the confidence to boldly share the love of Christ both in your own town and all over the world.

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We want to serve the Kingdom of God alongside you.

There are over 3 billion people far from God in the world today. Thousands die every day without ever coming to know Christ.

We know it is God’s heart to reach these people, and as His church, He has invited us to join Him in bringing all peoples to Himself.

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Find Your Role in God’s Story and grow your abilities.

We are looking for innovative servant leaders with a heart for the nations and a passion for the Church who will join us in this mission to see lives restored and communities transformed. Join a global team of over 450 staff members who are using their God-given passions and abilities to make a lasting impact. 

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