Mar 19th, 2024 - Apr 23rd, 2024Teachings on the Heart in Hesson, ON

Title: 6 Teachings on the Heart

Why: In the disciple making movement it’s easy to feel unready to share your faith. It’s normal to encounter fear or feelings of hypocrisy. The Heart Teaching brings alignment with God and with ourselves to feel more ready and grow in the courage it takes to step out and share the gospel.

When: Tuesday nights, 7-9:30 pm from March 19 – April 23, 2024.

What to Expect: Simple drawings to go with each teaching. Opportunity to practice simple ways to explain profound truths. Discovery Bible Study on each topic. Cleansing of your heart, more freedom!

Cost: $50 per person which covers the whole 6 weeks. Payable to e3 Ministry Canada. Note: We cannot give tax receipts for purchases. If you choose to donate on top of your purchase, any donation of $10.00 or more will be receipted.

Outline For the Course:

Join us for an enlightening journey through our spiritual anatomy in Lesson #1: "Body, Soul, and Spirit: Understanding God's Design for You and the Path of Salvation."

Understand your three-part being and gain insight into the redemption of each part and how sin impacts us. Discover the role of your mind and heart in this transformative process.

In Lesson #2: "Soul Property: Navigating the Depths of the Heart," delve deeper into the territory of your soul. Learn how wounds, stains, and the influence of darkness can hinder your spiritual growth. Find out how to reclaim ownership of your soul for Christ and fortify it against the schemes of the enemy.

Explore the origins of emotional turmoil in Lesson #3: "Roots of Rejection and Rebellion: Uncovering the Source of Negative Emotions." Gain a comprehensive understanding of the roots of pride, rebellion, and rejection, and how they affect your emotional well-being.

In Lesson #4: "Right Standing: Embracing Righteousness by Faith," discover the liberating truth of your secure standing with God and the distinction between right standing and right living. Learn how to align your heart with God's perspective and experience true freedom from condemnation.

Join us for Lesson #5: "Right Living: Embracing Forgiveness and the Power of Prayer," as we tackle one of the greatest barriers to spiritual growth—unforgiveness. Learn practical strategies to forgive from the heart and experience the transformative power of prayer.

In Lesson #6: "Right Living: Cultivating Sacrificial Love," discover the essence of heart cleansing through sacrificial love. Explore how walking in love is integral to your spiritual journey and learn practical steps to cultivate and express love in your daily life.

In conclusion, join us to discover how to position yourself for the transformative work of the Holy Spirit in your heart, leading to genuine freedom and wholeness.