Witnessing God’s love in action.


We’ve had the privilege of seeing God transform hearts and lives as our teams visit families and individuals around the world. We want to share some of their inspiring stories with you. 

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Seeing Clearly for the First Time

Hello! My name is Priscilla and I serve on the e3 Medical team. Recently, I ... Read more

Serving Migrant Families at the Border

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been addressing an important and biblica... Read more

A Special Announcement

As e3 Partners and our digital media ministry, I Am Second, prepare for the n... Read more

Be Bold in the New Year

When it comes to sharing your Christian faith, do you ever fear how other peo... Read more



Many of our e3 leaders are invited to speak on podcasts frequently, and one has even started his own (On the Road). Listen to conversations about 4 Fields training, sharing the Gospel, multiplying disciples and churches, and completing the Great Commission.

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A conversation about the unreached in North America

How can a people be considered "unreached" if they live in a country with mil... Read more

Presence Over Pain

God's Presence is the Answer to our Pain.

Listen to this interview with... Read more

Disciplemaking Beats Money

Disciplemaking beats money, but handling money is important.

This inter... Read more

Responding to Crisis

In April 2015 there was a huge earthquake in Nepal... nearly 9000 people lost... Read more