I Am Second Merch

Help us carry the simple, yet profound message of living life second. 

I Am Second...

A simple statement that sparks conversations and changes lives. With these shirts, wristbands, hats and more, others become part of a greater mission with an even greater message. Shop now - join us.

Shipping & Taxes

Shipping and taxes are included in all purchases and are charged in Canadian dollars

I Am Second Hoodie- Black
I Am Second Hoodie- Pink
Silver Dog Tag Necklace
Full Colour White Mug, 15oz
Full Colour Black Mug, 15oz
Solano Acrylic Silver Tumbler, 16oz
English Lanyard
Blossom White Pen/Highlighter
Charcoal Heavyweight Twill Pro Style Hat
I Am Second Mask (Black)
I Am Second Mask (White)
I Am Second T-Shirt (Black)
I Am Second T-Shirt (Charcoal)
I Am Second T-Shirt (Pink)
Black Knit Beanie
I Am Second Wristband - Black
I Am Second Wristband - Pink
I Am Second Wristband - White

I Am Second apparel and gear sparks more than intrigue. It opens conversations and a change in perspective. With one simple and bold statement you can change the trajectory of lives around you.